Fruits & Vegetables

Cornell University Vegetable MD Online
Vegetable MD Online was developed to provide access to the many Vegetable Disease Fact Sheets produced over the years by Media Services at Cornell. The addition of color photographs enhances the use of these sheets for plant disease diagnosis.

West Virginia University Fruit Problem Key
The diagnostic keys for deciduous tree fruit diseases were developed to aid field personnel in the identification of diseases that are common to the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The keys are arranged to guide the user through a series of logically arranged statements describing symptoms and signs of fruit tree diseases. By selecting from a series of numbered statements, those which most closely describe observations made in the field, the user should be able to narrow the possibilities to only one or a couple of probable diseases. Clicking on the symptom description (if highlighted) will link to a photographic image of the symptom. Some disease names are linked to Fact Sheets containing additional information on biology and disease monitoring.

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