Published Soil Surveys for Tennessee
Soil survey information is regularly updated and posted to the Web Soil Survey, which is the official source for current information. The Web Soil Survey provides both tabular and spatial data and allows you to create a custom soil resource report for your specific area of interest. In the table below, clicking on a survey area that is listed as “current” takes you to the Web Soil Survey. Supplemental information is available in the form of published soil surveys. USDA has been publishing soil surveys since 1899. Many of these publications are archived as PDF files.

UT Soil Testing Publication (PDF)
How to soil test.

UT Soil Testing
The basic soil test includes soil pH, buffer value, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium all for the price of $7.00 per sample. The Basic Plus soil test is all the above with zinc, manganese, iron, copper, sodium and boron for $15.00. Pre-sidedress nitrate (PSNT), organic matter and soluble salts is also offered. A container media analysis is useful to greenhouse growers in determining fertility of soil-less mixtures. Turnaround is typically 2 to 5 days and results are routinely mailed but can be e-mailed or faxed. Test results are used to formulate research-based, cost effective lime and fertilizer recommendations specific to the type of crop or plant and yield desired. (View a soil sample test report with an explanation of recommendations.) To assist growers with their soil fertility needs, county agents and extension agents are available statewide to help with any management decisions related to soil test recommendations. Also, please review the publication, “Soil Testing and More* for information on soil testing and recommendations.

UT Soil Testing Form
Submit by email or print and bring to the Lawrence County Extension Office.

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